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    Infants, Toddlers and Twos
The teachers in these classrooms understand the importance of a warm and loving atmosphere for your child. Each room goes above and beyond state regulations and the infant room maintains a low 1:4 ratio to ensure the highest quality care for your baby. At this age, we help develop fine and gross motor skills through music, floor time, outside time and various activities. The older classes continue with this solid foundation and focus on theme based activities that continue to develop initial language and reading skills, social skills, and fine and gross motor development.
    Three and Four Year Olds
Our Three and Four Year Old Classrooms focus on building a strong academic foundation and inspiring of a love for learning in young children. Music and singing, outside play, art, science and reading comprise the daily activities. During these important years, our curriculum builds a strong basis for both reading and writing and math concepts. Your child will bring home daily art projects and activity sheets to provide you with information about your child's learning progress.
Children who have had the benefit of our Montessori environment are freer at a later age to devote themselves more exclusively to the development of their intellectual capabilities. The method by which children are taught in our Montessori program involves the use of many materials with which the children may work individually. At every step of their learning, the teaching materials are designed to test their understanding and to correct their errors. Children educate themselves. The teacher prepares the environment, structures the activities, functions as a reference person and role model, and offers the children stimulation; but the children are the ones who learn, who are motivated through the work itself, and who persist in their chosen tasks.