The management team at Fountain Park Academy has one primary goal. That is, to be known throughout the state as the best childcare center. Our first focus is the safety, security and health of your child. We do this by maintaining the cleanest center in the Southeast, according to comments we receive from our parents and visitors. Hand sanitizer dispensers placed at the entrance to every classroom and the immediate removal of soiled diapers from the building are just two of the specific policies that create superior hygiene in our center.

The creation of a positive learning environment at every age is another of our highest standards. We implement an interactive curriculum and require that lesson plans be prepared and utilized in every class. We encourage the use of music, dance and a variety of activities to keep children engaged in the learning process.

Another philosophy of the management team at Fountain Park is to use positive forms of discipline that reinforce self control and respect the child as a person. The primary tools used throughout the center are positive reinforcement and redirection. When a child needs additional time and attention for a specific issue, the management team assists and supports the teacher in managing the behavior.

It is the policy of the management team that employees treat customers and each other with respect. When an employee is treated with respect and appreciation, they will show that same respect and appreciation to our parents, students and fellow employees. This philosophy also reduces employee turnover and helps us maintain a consistent staff.

With an entire team focused on our primary goal, we are sure to become the best center in the state of Georgia.